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Global Business & Investment - U.S.A. LLC.,

Head Office :        9421  S. Orange Blossom Trail, Suite : 20C

                                            Orlando, Florida 32837

Tel :                                 407-376-2788, Fax : 407-440-8445

Our job is to create economic growth jobs and invest capital in to the U.S. economy .

        A great deal of the success to the EB - 5 program, and realizes how difficult it would be for both international investor & local businesses and resident to better their lives It  provides immunities, stimulation is job growth to local communities. Global Investment Development's Responsibility " to make the bridge between overseas investor and local communities ...We really want to server both entities well and provide both a good investment & a good product ".

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We are the  GLOBAL  INVESTMENT  SERVICES (GIS), a company that assists non-American individuals and companies wanting to invest in the U.S A. GLOBAL INVESTMENT was founded by group of PEOPLE who have had years of experience in handling business investments and have established a reputable roster of partners and networks in the related field Our partners alone speak our strength. We are the exclusive partner of the leading real estate developer.

​ Development Company that has its base in Orlando City, Florida, an international law firm headquartered in the United States. It is the 7th largest law firm in the U.S. holding at least 2,000 lawyers. It has 29 offices all over the U.S and international offices in  Thai Land, London, Mexico City, Shanghai, Korea , China. Having offices in both U.S.A 
( Miami ), and in Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh City) .

Global Investment has successfully serviced the needs of EB-5 immigrant investors subsequently obtaining GREEN CARDS. Since 2002, we have become the leading consulting company in the U.S. EB-5 investments.

Our goal is to help you “Invest today and succeed tomorrow”